Art of Cycling

Designed as a series of training and educational programs to take one's cycling to the next level. These programs have meaning for those just beginning as well as those with years of experience.

What is your goal?

Build fitness:  I’m looking for a fun and supportive training environment that will encourage me to ride more and thereby increase my level of comfort on the bike. 

Increase endurance:  I’ve been riding for a while now but would really like to train for a longer ride or century.  I have limited time during the week but have time to ride on the weekends.

Sharpen performance edge:  Century rides, been there done that  -  I really want to take my cycling to the next level and am ready to commit and work extremely hard for an incremental fitness gain.


Our goal is to help you attain your goal:

  • Gain Physical Strength & Stamina
  • Expand your Technical Cycling Skills
  • Increase your Level of Confidence on the Road
  • Master Cycling Etiquette
  • Learn proper Nutrition & Heart Rate Optimization
  • & much more


Quarterly Etiquette, Road Safety & Skills Clinics: Dates TBD

The joy, beauty and accomplishment of cycling is enhanced when one is made aware of the road, terrain, fellow riders, pedestrians, motorists, weather conditions and more. Your safety is very important to us here at Serious Cycling.  Join one of our quarterly clinics to learn how to be a safer cyclists while showing proper cycling etiquette on and off the road.   

This clinic will increase your level of confidence by covering the important areas of Etiquette, Road Safety, and Skills. 


Comprehensive Training Programs: Dates TBD

Reaching your goals is attainable with a little guidance and encouragement. Join us for a comprehensive training program with weekly training rides led by USA Certified Cycling Coaches.  This integrated training program will consist of group riding skills, etiquette & pace line practice, benchmark threshold testing, heart rate training workshop, balanced body yoga/stretch workshop & much more. 

All groups will participate in the following clinics:

  • Heart rate training – part 1
  • Fueling for optimal performance
  • Road skills etiquette and safety
  • Balanced body strength and stretch

Endurance and performance groups will also participate in: 

  • Functional threshold test (rock store time trial 1)
  • Group riding skills - pace line
  • Cornering and descending

Performance group only will participate in:

  • Heart rate training part 2 - Training periodization & application rock store time trial 2

Email for more information or register today on the Events page.


Meet your Coaches: 

Kathy McCormickUSA Cycling Level 2 Coach

In the past 11 years, Kathy has coached over 400 athletes in realizing success from: learning to ride a bike to completing a century ride; from first triathlon to finishing an ironman; from running a 5k to qualifying for Boston.

Kathy helps individuals maximize their potential and achieve personal goals by:

  • Offering motivation, direction and inspiration
  • Providing a positive, supportive and fun environment in which to train
  • Encouraging athletes to shift their mindset from “working out” to “purposeful training sessions”

Kathy discovered outdoor sports later in life, and built her endurance as an ultra runner, competing in distances from 50k to 50 miles.  It wasn’t until the age of 38 when she first learned to ride a road bike.  This seemingly insurmountable challenge was the turning point that developed into a lifelong love of the sport of cycling.

To promote participation in outdoor sports to indoor enthusiasts, Kathy developed numerous programs for local fitness clubs:  Half Marathon and Marathon Training; Metric and Century Training; Private Group Multisport Training; as well as a series of Indoor Performance Cycling Camps with VO2 testing, focused on heart rate training and breaking fitness plateaus.

Understanding lifestyle demands, Kathy educates her athletes in setting higher but realistic goals and builds individual or group-training programs that become part of an every day, balanced lifestyle.  A certified USA Cycling Level II coach since 2007, Kathy continues to support athletes of all levels, from entry level to competitive age grouper.

Kathy has competed in the sports of:  Ultrarunning, Road Racing; Ironman Triathlon; and Ultra Cycling.  Her recent cycling athletic highlights include:  

  • 1st Place Female, 2009 California Triple Crown Stage Race (624 miles with 47,000+ ft. of elevation gain)
  • 2nd Place Female, 2011 King of the Mountains Challenge
  • 1st Place Female, 2012 Mulholland Double Century 


Joel Eisenberg, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

Joel has been a dedicated and quietly competitive recreational road rider since the mid-1980s. Putting in the hours on the bike has always been the mainstay of his conditioning, augmented by disciplined training over the last decade. The enjoyment of cycling comes naturally, but should never be taken for granted. It can be nurtured and enhanced with just a bit of discipline, training and a healthy course of camaraderie.

While not possessing an inherent talent for handling skills or high-level fitness, the passion for cycling and the recognition of the role of fitness in healthy living drives Joel to maintain his commitment to the sport and fellow cyclists. Setting goals throughout the year and maintaining a consistent cycling schedule with a modicum of training leads to a fitness level that defy the perceived limits of age and ability.

Joel’s love of the sport and the bike has always been present. Having the desire to share this became a prime motivation for getting certification from USA Cycling as a Level 3 Coach. Three decades of cycling and his love for the cycling culture led to Joel's investment in Serious Cycling as a shareholder of the company.

Growing the love of the sport in the community fuels his commitment to share his experience and expertise with those who are eager to advance their skills, fitness, etiquette on the road and passion for the sport and cycling community.


Jennifer Johnson, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

Jennifer is strongly committed to building the cycling community, especially as a means of empowering beginner riders. She is one of the “founding mothers” of Serious Cycling’s women’s ride group Birds of a Feather and leads weekly rides for women of all cycling levels along with a beginner/recovery ride for men and women.

Using her marketing degree from UNLV, Jennifer began her career as the Tournament Director for American Golf Corporation.  She has an extensive background in promoting outdoor sports, reaching unprecedented heights in sales goals for the Los Angeles region.  The additional location of Serious Cycling has called Jennifer back into the marketing arena.  She is actively sharing the benefits of cycling with in Los Angeles through networking and community events.

As a mother of three, Jennifer puts a priority on helping her clients develop safe riding habits and sound road skills. Jennifer herself is an avid century rider and has completed five of the Bay to Bay MS Rides, raising thousand of dollars for multiple sclerosis research in the process.

Thanks to her husband Scott’s passion for cycling, Jennifer discovered the sport in 2007.  She has recently obtained her USA Cycling Level 3 coaching certification and now is passionate about sharing her love of cycling to others.